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About Us

SVAS is a spiritual healing and rejuvenation center that seeks to heal anyone and everyone of different ailments where service is provided free of charge, irrespective of the attendees caste or creed. 

Mission & Vision

Achieving the overall development of – the body – soul – mind, of not only a single individual human body but the human race. This in turn will take the Earth to the new level of consciousness and awakening.


Actively engaged in not only providing total healing to body and mind but will also hold lectures and discussion seminars and help socially poor and backward communities in the nearby villages and communities.


” The purpose of Life is life with purpose “

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    Just Re-experiencing it…

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SVAS Projects

SVAS Ashram

SVAS Ashram

SVAS ashram is formed to save the human community from the visible and invisible attacks due to the fast – stressful – unorganized – undisciplined life patterns of emotional and mental nature.



SVAS Helps socially poor and backward communities with all possible help.

SVAS Events

SVAS Events

Through seminars and discussions educating right way of life. Help achieve success, health and spirituality in individual as well as society.

On Air Events

On Air Events

OnAirEvents is a 24×7 online streaming channel with vivid educational and life changing programs. Its also there to streaming any event live online.

What others are saying

  • "Our life on earth is similar to a carpet. The Guru, Higher energies and God play the role of a weaver. The carpet that relatively takes time to manufacture is usually the most expensive ones. We can help our weaver to create that legendary divine magic carpet that can be used to transport persons instantaneously or quickly to their destination."
    Life: Weaver's YarnsNaina Thara
  • "I had an opportunity to attend Vyomeshji’s discourse. He was revealing the art of studying and to be a better student. He was suggesting on how to be a channel to a very simple truth in learning. As I followed these instructions consistently, I got 100/100 in 5 subjects and 96-98 in remaining subjects. And till today I am a topper in my school. I have realised the benefits and power of positive thoughts and gratitude towards my teachers."
    Little Wonder!Kevalya Bhavesh Sheth
  • "I realised that he is one of us and living very much like a mast keeping the sail steady applying all the principles of spirituality. His solution was simple which is to forgive, forget, bless and serve. He may not see himself as anyone’s Guru and he believes that we are all Gurus and divine sparks with divine light, love and power."
    Being so Very Free!Mahesh Sharma
  • "He is my Guru, my friend, philosopher and guide. Above all, my “GODFATHER”! He initiated the transformation in me. Experienced what spirituality and divinity is; got to know the meaning of life. I came to know the science of divinity, the importance of ‘Karmas’, on being spiritual, being selfless human."
    Life Beautiful AgainDr. Payal D. Sankhe
  • "His spiritual discourse has been food for the soul and has been wake up call for many of us!"
    Joyful and Peaceful LifeJagriti