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Love & Kindness

Love & Kindness


Excerpts of talk that Vyomeshji had with me….

Most of the times in the recent past and also today, when I think of the one most important thing that really matter to us at my inner most core of my being is Love, Happiness, Joy. We have always been seeking this, as early as, our birth. No doubt about it today, that all of us are seeking the same thing.

Some or most of us may be deluded into thinking that Love, Happiness, Joy comes into our lives when our lives are secured with materialistic things. But the truth is the opposite.

Our society is submerged into thinking that the materialism, name, fame, status, are the most important assets to make a living worth lived, comfortable, happy and joyous. And furthermore, it has led us to a state of me, mine and me first.

Taking a great shift into knowing that when you Love and be Loved; when you are Happy and are spreading Happiness; when you are Joyful and are spreading Joyfulness; you will discover that materialism, name, fame, status do not matter at all and what is more is that, with this as a greatest wealth with you; materialistic wealth will to follow wherever you go. And me and mine dissolve to its core.

One might ask, “How can I achieve this state of mind?” To start with one has to serve the humanity with lots of unconditional love and kindness. Whether you are a beggar, lawyer, housewife, prince, pauper, rich merchant, teenager, retired officer whatever your role as a doer; you must serve the humanity. We all got to serve somebody. Besides, has it not been said, “What you give is what you get”? So if it is Love, Happiness and Joy you want then Give and Serve everyone with Love, Happiness and Joy. And most of all when you genuinely give receiving is instant.

Once you have activated your path and lit the lamps of loving and kindness we stand to gain at every step we take. The biggest of the biggest changes begins; most importantly our Soul Power improves, increases. We become driven by our Soul rather than our mind and logic. Mind and logic is needed in certain areas of our life. But mostly it is through Soul power we are able to achieve the higher and overcome the hurdles that life has to offer.

All the great ones before us have served the humanity. All the great ones today are serving and giving. So are all the higher souls and higher energies.

Love and be loved…

Be kind and you will receive kindness… if not from the same people today; you will receive it some day. Be the change you want see. Be the person you want to meet. Be the Soul driven Soul that you are meant to be and experience higher levels of Love and Joy.

Nayana Thara