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Life Beautiful Again

Life Beautiful Again

It gives me immense pleasure to pen down my feelings of gratitude towards Vyomeshji.

I remember the 1st contact with Vyomeshji on phone. My life has changed since then. It was my IIBDS University exams going on, appearing for my pharmacology paper next day. Was passing through very tensed and worried moments. Thanks to my cousin Shamitai who told me about Vyomeshji and the same evening I spoke to him. After the call ended, without opening my books I was off to bed and left for exams the next day.

A miracle happened. During the exam the first miracle unfolded before me – As I was writing, these thoughts engulf me – “Oh God! Naa..Oh Vyomeshji ! What did you do???” I couldn’t stop writing and filling up the answer booklet as if the book is open in front of me and I am copying the answers.

When the results were declared after a month, I was on top of the world. I was the highest in that subject and among the 3 toppers in the Batch of second year BDS. But I was just ignorant of what was happening with me. Life is beautiful.

Days and months passed by. Suddenly my life had taken a different turn. And I ended up messing everything for me. It was the biggest mess of my life, that I would have taken a wrong step. Then again, thanks to my ShamiTai who reminded me to speak to Vyomeshji. I was in a complex situation at the cost of my life.

Vyomeshji is my Guru, my friend, philosopher and guide. Above all, my “GODFATHER”!! He initiated the transformation in me. Experienced what spirituality and divinity is, got to know the meaning of life. Came to know the science of divinity, the importance of ‘Karmas’, on being spiritual, being selfless human.

I wonder at times, how can anybody so tactfully, skilfully and karmically heal the people around. Never thought healing energies are so powerful. The Power of Healing and Divine Energies can create miracles was an unsolved mystery to me. Which He helped me understand.

I feel Vyomeshji is a new generation ‘Sadhak’ and not amongst those who make monetary gains out of their healing abilities of powers. He has set an example of being a selfless human. The art of meditation and forgive-forget with a feeling of being selfless and having no hatred for anybody. These are very important things to have a better life, which the people like me always overlook and not pay attention and end up landing and inviting trouble for ourselves.

It’s a great feeling and I owe that gratitude to him for making my life so wonderful. Very first thankful to GOD who introduced him to my Tai and then through her, to me.

When I met Vyomeshji, I thought he must be some counsellor or some analyst who does analysis of the situations and then ask the person to act accordingly. Sooner with the consecutive meets, I realised the other side of him being so divine and spiritual. Quite interesting!!!!

And to my surprise, the healing, not just on the mental level, it’s on the physical level too.
There are several instances I have come across in my life, had it not been for Vyomeshji, I wouldn’t have escaped those hard turns of my life. In every meeting of ours I would not only feel light in the head, but also physically. I could feel something bad is leaving my body, mind and soul. Feeling more and more light. It was then later I realised, the bad was nothing but the negative energies which were ruling over me and were the reason all the possible bad things were happening to me, physically and mentally.

One day when I visited him at his home, while discussing my problems with him, a cute young girl came along with her father. She was his carpenter’s daughter. She had come to seek advice regarding her career as she had secured 90% marks in her SSC exams. He then let her interact with me with and with an intension that I am the right person who will give her the best of advice. Honestly speaking, I was a bit irritated, not on that girl but at the situation that when I have come to meet him all the way from Borivali to discuss my problems, instead he is making me solve somebody else’s confusion regarding career choice. I was really annoyed. But I didn’t know how like a career counsellor I was guiding her, the selfless feeling in me was rising and rising and I forgot my own problems and took her matter seriously as if someone who is my own wants to seek my advice about her future. The bond of love was getting formed between us, I was explaining things to her like an elder sister. I felt I am doing a good deed with a selfless feeling without any intension, without any hope that now I have helped her she’ll also help me. It was a pure feeling. And then the unexpected surprise came to me. My kid brother Kushal’s MBA admissions.

Indeed it was another miracle unfolding, that I am helping this young girl and the next moment I get a solution to Kushal’s MBA admissions. It can be a co-incidence but for me it was a miracle again. The divine and spiritual energies proved it’s existence again and that was all possible because of an Angel on Earth that’s – Vyomeshji.

There are many such experiences in my life which can’t be described in writing but felt by heart. Vyomeshji is truly an ‘Angel on Earth’ who cures millions, which even the Doctors like me can’t do. His presence in one’s life is enough, the healing starts there.

Thanks for being there Vyomeshji and making my life so wonderful than ever before, give me a rebirth. Can never forget his efforts and time given to me to make my life beautiful again.

Thank you Vyomeshji. God Bless You!!!


Dr. Payal D. Sankhe