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Sadhbhavana-Our Purpose

Sadhbhavana-Our Purpose

A stone can be considered as a hurdle in the path or can be converted as a step to climb – similarly any problems can be converted as an opportunity to rise. Optimistic approach and Positive state of mind lifts our view, which can create miracles and benefit not only us but everything and everyone around us. Clearing our path to make it suitable for making our journey smooth is not always possible. These hurdles are part of our lives. Our assertiveness towards it makes a difference.

My Father had a book called ‘Amazing Results of Positive Thinking’ by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. It did not have much impact on my thinking when I read it as a teenager. But surely the book is charismatic. Why am I sharing this? Because this was one of the books I had casually chosen to read, with nothing interesting to do. And today this positive thinking is creating major impact in every aspect of my life.

Today after two decades, I am beginning to realize the effects it has when used for self or others. There is certain magnetism to positivity. Having experimented on negative thinking in the most bizarre and unknowing ways; I realize that though negative thinking too has its magnetic qualities, it is harmful and will attract all that is best avoided. One negative thought can lead us to 100 other destructive ones.And it is the same for positive thoughts too. One can lead to many other constructively and refreshingly fruitful ones.

Need we talk about its effects? Of course we know the powerful dynamic changes it can create.

As growing up there was a time when India was consistently, for years had this slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’ (Eradicate Poverty) and the effects of it…? Was India able to eradicate poverty? In fact, poverty increased.

But when India changed its slogan to ‘Mera Bharath Mahaan’ (My India is Great), there was tremendous improvement in every sector, every field and every household. Secretly, Indians also started developing the pride they never had in their motherland. It kindled the hope in every heart.

Today, world over, there are many conflicts we are faced with. There is ‘war against war’, ‘war against poverty’, ‘war against equality’, ‘war against drugs’, ‘war against corruption’ and constant struggles to put an end to it. Our efforts and intentions are good but our approach toward it needs positivity, which passes a positive message and produce results that nurture the situation than ignite it further towards conflicts.

Mother Teresa, who was the icon of peace, love and kindness, once said…
“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.    All works of love are works of peace”.

World over almost every country has ‘War against corruption’. Slogan used is “Anti-Corruption Rally or Movement”.

Wouldn’t we agree that a slight shift in our words to positivity could be a giant leap towards a ‘Global Transforming Miracle’?
India’s recent approach through our most admired Shri Anna Hazare, to create oneness, honesty and to eradicate corruption had everything in order…except for one small but a major detail.

He had the support of higher energies, when he was showing respect toward every individual; he had the humbleness towards the cause and without pride. He was simple and selfless.

He had both the dual forces, Madam Kiran Bedi (Female Force or Left Meridian or Chandra Nadi) and Shri Arvind Kejriwal (Male Force or Right Meridian or Surya Nadi) supporting him (the centre force or Centre Meridian or Madhyasth Nadi), which created mutual wholeness to the movement.

He had love and support of billion of Indians from all over the world.

What was there and not needed was the usage of the word ‘Anti-corruption Rally’.

‘We can attract what we want for our country and we know what we want…..… – wholeness, balanced state of affairs, harmonious interaction, honesty and trust. And we have the strength to realize it; we have the strength to manifest it. The thought and the choice of positive words we use to fulfill a purpose have such tremendous power that the entire Universe backs us up with full support to make it successful.

So, ‘Let Us’ put forward a positive thought by using a slogan of Goodwill, a slogan of Sadhbhavana – ‘Sadhbhavana Movement’, which in togetherness will create the impact it needs. Shri Anna had lit the flame of togetherness but which could have kindled the movement further and pushed to its success.

(The meaning of the word ‘movement’ is – ‘a motion of collective minds and feelings’.)

(The meaning of the word ‘Sadhbhavana’ is – ‘having a feeling of wellbeing’.)

Essentially and concretely it is our heart’s and minds positive attitude that can take us in the direction we choose. Let’s ‘mindfully’ motion our feelings of Sadhbhavana towards a beautiful future.

Riches, mediocrity, war, corruption, poverty, negativity – words and feelings, begin in the mind. And when we do not like something, we can take a step towards changing our mind and building positivity; because this too, is part of our purpose.

Thank you to Nayana Thara, and the SVAS Family.

Vyomesh Bakhai