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Happy Sankranti

Happy Sankranti


“Oh God, I am ready to be like a kite, promising to fly and remain steady, in any situation in this time and space, provided the ‘Dor’ is in the safe hands of the Gurus and the ‘Firki’ is yours. May the negativity of mine and others (through me), be cut off from today. And may I hear, your voice, Kai-po-che.”

Uttarayan marks the movement of the sun towards the Northern Hemisphere (upwards) like our Patang (kite) which  signifies the heights one can reach. Merely made of wooden stick and paper, it signifies simplicity and preaches one to stand still in all the adversities of life, and again restore it’s existing position.

Uttarayana is referred to as the day of a new-good-healthy-wealthy beginning.

According to Kauravas and Pandavas, in Mahabharata on this day Bheeshma Pitamaha, chose to leave for his heavenly abode. Signifying that the soul after the death, rises, through the sun towards the higher consciousness. 

Happy Sankranti!

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