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Change the Thoughts

Change the Thoughts

Why Delhi is Rape capital of India?

Is it not the capital of POLITICIANS and their people?

Have we not heard about the pollution including -thought pollution?

Don’t we know that we breathe in & out all kind of pollution that are affecting our lives?

Don’t we know that our politicians have dirty thoughts-behaviors, which are at times like animals full of kaam-vasna & other selfish motives?

Is Delhi not a Republic Capital of India? Today it sounds like it is the Rape-Public of India. It may sound like it is a play on a word but seriously… Where do we draw the line when it comes to the polluted thoughts we carry? Rape, eve teasing, physical abuses continue to happen in and around Delhi.

Theoretically a politician is a Policy Maker and Guards the law. Every minister is sworn in to Serve, Protect the Country and its People. But we are beholding politicians who are characterless, conniving, plotting, covering, laid back, stealing, panicking and tearing apart (raping) our Democratic Nation.

Pollution is ‘mount’ing in all areas of our lives.  We are breathing in and out all kinds of pollution. Contamination in the air we breathe; water we drink; food we consume.  Besides these, which sadly scores, the highest in rank is the ‘thought pollution’.   Thought pollution exists in highest degrees in country’s politicians, in today’s world. “Leaders” – Are they? Their animal like dirty thoughts and actions are full of Kaam-Vasna (Desire-Lust). In Delhi every Tom, Dick and Harry –‘haraira-gaira natthukhaira’ is either a politician or has a link with them. When we think of Delhi the very first thought that flashes our mind is the word – Politicians and when we think of Politicians the very state we associate it with is – Delhi.  Delhi has Politicians and Politicians have an eye for Delhi.  And what else needs to be described for most of today’s politicians – other than their lust and greed for corruption-power-sex.

Thoughts have an enormous effect on our life. Thoughts are powerful.  It can change the filters on how we ‘see’ the world. The kind of life we want to live is different from the kind of life we have because ‘we are what we are’ because of our thoughts.


Why only politicians?

It applies to every one of us.

If we want any changes then let us amend the thought patterns of all.  And to transform the thought patterns of all, the beginning point always needs to be spotlighted on self.

Let us scatter the seeds of Good Virtues within ourselves for self and others. We cannot always control what comes to us. But we always have a free will to control and choose what we want to give.

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”

– Siddhartha Gautama Buddha.

Everything in our lives is dependent on the thoughts we choose to think. Remember we have a choice (free will).

Our physical health is dependent on not only what we eat but also the kind of thoughts we choose to think. Also a major chunk of our mental health also depends on what sort of thoughts we allow to nest.

The Power behind the thoughts is revealed in greater depths when we use lexigrams. Lexigrams are used to solve riddles and penetrate mysteries hidden in words. I was alarmed to realize the power – our thoughts possess. It is not precisely known when a specific person or culture discovered lexigrams. Linda Goodman, a famous poet and astrologer, was the first to coin the term “lexigram”. She credits the word to the Druids or the nature spirits, with their mysticism of laying hidden meanings within the English language. They uncover higher knowledge and wisdom, hiding-in-plain-sight, where many esoteric mysteries hide, unsuspected and therefore undiscovered. Most satisfying of all to those who master them, Lexigrams can verify what intuition has only hinted at, concerning history, science and people.

Whatever we are thinking whether positive or negative is what will manifest. Or what you sow is what you reap.

The word ‘Thoughts’ when Lexigramed reveals the following words that are present or hidden in…(In Capitals).



As we put them together after intuiting we derive the following when used Positively:

Thoughts are body-guards (thugs), which make ‘huts’ and ‘hugs’ us ‘so’ tight creating warmth (hot), which make us release or shoot (shot) the seeds of love – Resulting Positive Thoughts. This is the effect of positive thoughts, which create only good.


When Negatively used the sentence derived could be:

Thoughts are like ‘thugs’, which make ‘huts’ and ‘hugs’ us ‘so’ tight creating heat (hot) or toxins which make us explode (shot) – Resulting Negative Thoughts. Do you see how thoughts can affect our physical health when used negatively?

Thoughts are also known to show us the direction we are going.

It ‘tugs’ us ‘south’.

SOUTH; when Lexigramed reveals again the same words ‘HUTS’; ‘HOT’; ‘SO’; ‘SHOT’ and one extra word ‘THUS’.  It ‘TUGS’ us in a particular direction. It reveals the direction the thoughts can take you (SOUTH), where the weather is ‘SO HOT’ or ‘SO warm’. ‘THUS’ or therefore if the weather is too hot it creates discomfort (SHOT) but if the weather is warm it creates huts for us making us shoot buds (SHOT) describing the greenery in some places, which is always present in SOUTH irrespective of the seasons.

Thus irrespective of the seasons our thoughts can be controlled too to give us the warmth and love we seek.

When we re-arrange the word ‘Rape’ we also have ‘Reap’, ‘Pare’, ‘pear’.

We ‘Reap’, a fruit (Pear) that is cracked (Rap) and skinned (Pare) when we show animal (Ape) like behaviour – Kaam – Vasna.



A Politician is one who is of Vision (Optical), a philosopher holding good virtues and a person of great self-control (STOIC), Chief Of Staff (COS), holding a peak (TIP, A POINT) position (POST) in the court (PATIO) of law (LICIT) securely fixing (NAIL) the distress and suffering (PAIN) of people and awaken them (LIT).

We are revealed some negative words to which we ask a question to the word itself to reveal more.

Does a politician SPLIT, LAIN, PANIC, PLOT, COP, and COATS? It answers itself… NO, because (NO, NOT, ANTI) these words are present too.

We have heard that one bad Apple can spoil the whole lot of hundred. But we have the power of choice and power of thoughts – so let us change this phrase  – We say One Good Apple can restore the whole lot of hundred. Those lot of hundred can restore thousands more and so on.

 “If you think you can do a thing or if you think you can’t do a thing – You are Right…”- Henry Ford.

Are not the positive weekly SMS’s sent by Vyomeshji, since a long time an endeavor to do the same at the pollution level? Just as a stone thrown in water generates ripples of waves – his every SMS sent in the space creates ripples of positive vibrations around us – serving the human community in building up the powerful positive thought processes.

Here’s our chance to propel the good we receive from him to a better future. Let us join him to further ourselves and in the process all the politicians and the nation itself.


Nayana Thara

Thank you to Piyush Parmar and The Svas Team