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Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day


What defines beauty?

The spark of love you see in her eyes, the gentle hint of a smile in her curved lips, the soft touch of her fingers on your head, the warmth of her hand when she holds yours to lead your way, the security you felt when she cradled you against her chest, and the assurance that she will never stop showering you with love and warmth.
That is beauty.
And that beauty can only be defined by a woman.

Right from being a little girl to growing up into a woman, she faces everything that life bestows upon her with a smile. Her strength cannot be described in words but only in the way she deals with situations. Her dedication can only be referred to her success.

Woman is the luck, woman is the power,
Woman is the shield, woman is the flower.

So here’s wishing all you beautiful women out there,
Happy Women’s Day.

Radhika Bakhai


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