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And the consciousness will go on…

And the consciousness will go on…

When we are young we want to be the head where there is no body above us. We want to have the freewill and the absoluteness. Then we do get ‘into oneness’ where we are the head. Then what?? Then… there is nothing…. we can achieve. There is ‘dryness’ or no joyousness. In oneness there is ‘no juicyness’.

Then we long for ‘juicyness of love & joy’. We wish that there should be someone above or beyond us. We wish that there should be ‘duality’. Then we go in search for that. And we realise that there is.

Oneness is dhyan or meditation – which is ‘Shiv’ or the non-manifested. Duality is Bhakti – Love – Joy – which is Krishnna – which is manifested.

Both exist simultaneously. And experienced by us one after another.

In Dhyan – once there is oneness we shall go further and realise that there is duality too… with whom we will fall in love and start praising him.

Its from ‘Aham Brahmashmi the Oneness’ to ‘Love and Joy’ and from Love & Joy to Oneness. Yes from Shiv to Krishna and from Krishna to Shiv.

We then realise that the life or the ‘manifested maya’ and consciousness is also a cycle.


When I was child I had dreamt to be in my father’s shoes. And then when I did become the head… how much am I missing him. Now I am chasing for ‘a father’, the ‘him’ and when I will meet him I will chase for oneness with him…..

and the cycle will go on……  and the consciousness will go on….


Vyomesh Bakhai


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