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Empty or Filled !

Empty or Filled !

Half glass empty or filled – is our way to look into situation. 3rd way to look into the same is – Both are truth.

Similarly at times we cry when some are better than us or we feel pride when we are better than others but we avoid to see the situation that both are existing together is truth.

It is something like I cried for having no shoes.. But is not the fact that there are many who have no legs?

So let us be aware that if someone is better than us then one of the target will be to equal or excel and if we are better, then we should carry on the same rather than to pride over it. At the same time our awareness should be that all has to exist together. We will try not to be best by cutting others to smaller size. That we should be best and to give the best should be our efforts… and not other way around.

Vyomesh Bakhai


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