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Be in Gratitude

Be in Gratitude

When we start invoking and thanking the higher energies – the positive
changes initiate and work on us, and when we show our sincere inner ‘Gratitude’ – all the changes that have taken place – stabilises.

It is also observed many times that, though, we want the positive changes and graces from higher energies but when that actually happens, than we tend to forget the medium through which we had received the turbo power and…. so at times….. whatever the changes that had occurred, goes back to former stage and then it may so happen that the same person may tend to become negative and criticises or gets revengeful on his protector.

How can it work when we are not in gratitude or have criticism and reservations for our Savior?

So with a lot of Faith in Gratitude – let us wish that – within all of us the Power to be in Gratitude, rises.

Vyomesh Bakhai


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