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Happy Navratri

Happy Navratri

In Navratris, when we collectively & swiftly whirl

  • while half bended, almost 66 and half degree,
  • on our axis, the feet,
  • around the purifying fire, the sun,
  • on perfectly rhyme and rhythm of action & movements, glorifying divinity,
  • we can be transgressed into the oneness of the Maa, Mother Earth’s energies.

In the rhymed words and verses of the devotional and glorying songs, garbas, kirtans and bhajans – there is collectiveness of ‘thought patterns’, and in the perfectly rhythm of the instruments – there is collectiveness of the timings, actions and the movements – due to which the higher energies around us may descend and transgress us from one consciousness to other.

So if the energies are positive, praiseworthy, joyous and surrendered-full, the name, fame, health, wealth, happiness, humanity, education, bhakti the spirituality, shakti – the light, love and power is by-product of the life.

So lets be ‘Maa – earth’ and receive the transgressing energies form the higher beings, the divine intelligence.

Happy Navratris to All of Us

Vyomesh Bakhai


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