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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

When we are innocent, humble, gracious, generous, joyful as….. Santa Claus, the Messenger of Divinity,
then even the higher energies have to respectfully reckon….. and get into the clothes and boots of Santa Claus….
the purified Soul, …..coming out of the ‘fire’ place;
the Messenger, …. making us move and look towards heaven like ‘fir tree’ leaves
the Teacher, …..teaching us that God is the savior like a ‘Star’ in dark night;
the Reminder, …..reminding us that the God displaces the darkness like a ‘candle’
the Giver, ….showing us that we are the God’s ‘Gifts’
the Musician, …. soothingly attracting our attention towards God by playing and ringing the ‘bells’
the Lover, ….loving us, truly…. dearly…. continuously…. endlessly…. whether there are ‘thorns’ or ‘berries’

Yes, Santa Claus the everlasting hope of Generous Love and Joy

‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’







Vyomesh Bakhai