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Haryiali Teej

Haryiali Teej
Today, the Haryiali Teej, is a very pious day for all the married woman to attain a marital oneness and bliss.

Its day when woman does things of her likings. She does what she loves. She sings and swings (on hindolas), in the green fields and trees inviting freshness. She magnifies her beautification and adorns the best of the clothes, makeups and traditional jewelleries, as said ‘Ban than ke, sola shringar savar ke, saj dhaj ke….’ She observes a fast.

Ma Parvati, after taking births for 108 times and undergoing hard tapasyas to win her beloved, Shiva, was accepted as his other half, on this day.

Its said she gave all the married women a boon for longevity and blissful life.

it symbolises a holy union through conjugal harmonies.

It symbolises… the cravings of Ma Parvati, the mooladhar, is accepted by the Shiv, the Shastrar… who will descend, like prince charming, and lift the beautiful Ma Parvati, the sleeping beauty, the Kundalini Shakti, the serpemt fire, to the Universal Abode, the oneness. This is the holy union.

The beautification of Woman symbolisis the purification of Mooladhar
The fasting symbolises the penance, clearance and purification of the system;
The beautification symbolises the good character and virtues;
Singing and swinging in fields symbolises the joyousness with freshness of energies.

May the purification happen within us
May we, the the cravers, of the divinity, attain good virtues and characteristics.
May the holy union happen with us
May we too regain the lost love of the Divinity.

So Be It….

Shri Vyomeshji