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About Shree Vyomeshji

Shri Vyomeshji Bakhai, born in a religious and traditional Modh Baniya family was initially initiated with the connection to divine energies, ‘brahm-gyan’, at the age of 7 by Param Pujya Maharashri Shri Mathureshwarjee of Vaisnav Pustimarg Sampraday.

Being brought up in Gujarati Hindu family, studying in Christian Convent School, and born in Yemen (in the seaport city of Aden), a country dominated by Muslims and Jews in those days, he had understood that all the cultures and religions ultimately lead to spirituality which leads to consciousness of oneness with Divinity which is known as Paramatma, Ishwar, Father, God, Allah or Higher Energies. It’s just like staircase leading to the entrance of any premises. All religions are ultimately purifying our virtues, characteristics or spirit which will ultimately transgress us towards merger with oneness.

After pursuing higher education in India he joined his father’s business and established many successful businesses with his associates. While he was trying to settle down in England, he realized that there were deeper meaningful reasons for him to stay back in India. The real purpose of his taking birth was revealed on his coming back to India.

Being afflicted with health issues, due to excessive business commitments, he pondered over spiritual healing processes and thus began his journey as a healer. While on that path, consequently, he understood his life’s purpose.

While in the process of healing and energizing, anyone and everyone, for free of charge, he happened to meet many enlightened masters, whether living or not in human body, who used him as a medium to heal, internally as well as externally. His body and energies were also used to reach many people not only in India but abroad too.

At this juncture, the deeper purpose was revealed and that was to lead and guide people towards peace, love, harmony, spirituality and thus divinity.

His basic principle of being easily socially approachable; healing or energizing anyone for free of charge; serving selflessly and fruitlessly anyone and everyone irrespective of any caste, creed, class, age and sex has been very satisfying to all sectors of human life of today’s time and space. His ability to understand the energy levels; simplicity and skill to explain; talking in laymen’s language; endlessly-selfless approach; humbleness to all; contentment towards life; joyful, loving and kind nature; treating everyone with equality; straight fullness and truthfulness to all; blessful attitude has brought to many, divine prosperity, good health, inner peace, joyfulness, acceptance, faith, trust and surrender to divine energies.

His talks on prosperity and spiritual energies, has been very well accepted and has been beneficial to all generations, ages and numbers.

His purpose of dedicating his life for setting up a unique Sevashram or Spiritual spa for people of all works of life, where different energies bodies will be regenerated so that the human mind transgresses towards the divine consciousness, has been acclaimed by higher galactic world and energies.

He is a simple, loving & kind ‘daas’ – the surrendered, to all who is surrendered to the divinity.