Welcome to "Sri Vallabh Aadhyatmic Sevashram"
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About Us

Welcome to SVAS

With the onset of 2000 A.D. onwards – world is heading towards new consciousness.

We have realized that in the present system of cure and medicine – something is drastically lacking. It is become clear that allopathic and other wings of medicines are after all not ‘whole’ as it could treat the patients’ symptoms but could not cure in all the underlying problems. The basic principles of the allopathic medicines are being questioned. The curing and the regeneration of the deceased organs of human have been frustrating experiences which ultimately leads to negative emotions leading to faster deteriorating conditions.

After knowing and spiritually healing many people, some successful and prosperous; some successful and spiritual; some successful, prosperous and spiritual; some not successful in this human life; We can conclude that –what could be the need of the moment is a healing and curative centre which tackles the problems right from the grass root level and deals and cures in totality

There is an immediate need for a system that could address and fill the gap created by frustration – A system that addresses the source of ailments – offers a well reasoned complement to the medical practices and most importantly demonstrates a clear cut technique in assisting the body in healing itself.

Needless to say that the system should address, not only, the physical ailments but also etheric, emotional, lower and higher mental bodies of the human beings i.e. the cure should be ‘wholistic’. It’s time that the world is awakened to the new technique of healing. A method which will benefit not only this generations but future generations too!

The Awakening could witness the rise in the good health and longevity of human age. It could give rise to new healing science mediums – the Spiritual Health Spas or Rejuvenating Centers or Prana Centers or ‘Ki’ energy centers.

The new ‘healing and rejuvenating in totality’ could give importance to heal the Body – the Soul – the Mind through a spiritual healing and rejuvenating center the Sri Vallabh Aadhyatmic Sevashram with the purpose to heal anyone and everyone of different ailments with it’s own level of consciousness where – free of charge and irrespective of any caste and creed.

This project is a concept & vision of Shri Vyomeshji Bakhai.