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” The purpose of life is life with purpose “


Sri Vallabh Aadhyatmic Sevashram (theSVAS) is formed to save the human community from the visible and invisible attacks due to the fast – stressful – unorganized – undisciplined life patterns of emotional and mental nature.

This is not only healing but rejuvenating the modern human living system. It is a centre where the real art of simple living with the body – the mind – the soul is addressed – The ultimate health Spa for the – Body – Mind – Soul.

A time will come when science will make tremendous advances, not because of better instruments for discovering and measuring things, but because of few people will have at their command great spiritual powers, which at present are seldom used. Within a few centuries, the art of the spiritual healing will be increasingly developed and universally used.

This spa is not only handling the health related ailments but also helping the humans to lead a purified and perfect life. At the Svas there is a belief that anything can be healed. Every kind of ailments or negativity is curable. It is cure for all.

The Body – Mind – Soul Sevashram, is utilizing Prana and other Spiritual Abstract Intelligence Energies along with different alternated therapies to heal the whole physical body along with its ailment. This Spa is not only healing the ailments but will lead to rejuvenating the body. It is accelerating in healing, curing and rejuvenating the physical – emotional – mental life forces of the human body.

It is; hence, achieving the overall development of – the body – soul – mind, of not only a single individual human body but the human race. This in turn will take the Earth to the new level of consciousness and awakening.

While carrying on with healing – the healer and the healed, knowingly or unknowingly will realize a stupendous truth – as said in Bhagwad Gita or by each and every school of thoughts (religions) that :

I am that I am

I am

Not this hands – nor legs – nor body

Not the anger – nor the hatred – nor the emotions


I am

A divine spark


Divine Light

Divine Love

Divine Power.


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