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Only if we love doing the good and selfless acts we should do it, and not because others expect or instructs us to do. Equally true is the fact that all of us should try to be selfless most of time. If cannot be selfless always, then sometimes at-least.

The emphasis is ‘selfless’ which means not expecting anything in return. This also includes any act we do for getting recognition or to enter in good books of others, though we may think it is selfless, but is not – as we did it with a strategy to gain something out of it. Though the act may be to help the needed, but yet since we tried to gain the mileage, of promoting ourselves, the act became selfish. So let us be selfless and erase the ‘falsehood’ or ‘cover ups’ of the selfish ‘me&mine’ acts.

Vyomesh Bakhai


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