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Happy Holi

Happy Holi
At times.. Godly Energies (Shree Hari) ,  and Angels (Prahlad) do grace us… play with us… enjoy with us…  by coming at our courtyard… but we (Hriniya Kashyup) fail to understand them.

The negative mind, (Holika) will always make us feel safe in the world of mayas, the illusions,.. and thus discourage us to accept the spiritual playfulness, joy and experiences and thus make us fall pray to our own ignorance.

The mind, is afraid to loose control over the body, the Maya Empire. It is afraid to loose the battle with abstract intelligence, the Spirituality.

May this time we understand… and be colourfully and joyfully be in oneness with the Godly and Angel Energies.

Happy and Joyful Holi..


Shri Vyomeshji & SVAS family