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The Guru never threatens

The Guru never threatens

Have seen, heard and known that many people who call themselves as Spiritual Gurus and so… Gods, threatens us of dire consequences if we do not act on their wrongful instructions or bow down to their selfish intentions. Let us know that fearlessness, ‘nirbhayta’, removing the blind faiths/beliefs are some of the basics preached in spiritual school of thoughts or ashrams.

Threats of any kind…. or bullying tactics…. are more in business or underworlds, the ‘bhai-giri’. So let us recognise that and act accordingly.

There is no need to be afraid of anything done by us. If we have faith in God and then we should be aware that he is with us…. and so even if a ‘Don’ threatens us then we should be least worried … God is there with us, no? And as far as God goes, He never threatens or destroys his own soul or follower. He creates. And if he threatens then he is not God. And the same is true for Guru also.

Vyomesh Bakhai


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