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We need to float

We need to float
Yes, we need to float….

When the boat or ship is sailing or surfing or floating on water… its’ made sure that the water cannot seep or enter into it. And if water is able to find its way in,… it is removed immediately else the boat may sink or drown. Though it is within the water, but yet it does not get influenced or affected by water. The boat floats…

Similarly, we too have to float like boat on water, in our life. The water can be compared with the emotions of desires in our life. The moment we let the emotions of desires get attached to our day to day life… it will ruin us and drown us.

We need to practice… to remain detached from any desires. While living this life of materialistic pleasures… while being with it on day to day life… we need to remain detached from the it. We need to float…

Yes… we need to and have to work for our needs and wants but without letting the emotions of attachments get over us….

We need to float…

Shri Vyomeshji