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Diwali Muhurats

Diwali Muhurats

DIWALI Muhurats


10th November 2012 : Ekadashi (Rama Ekadashi) & Dwadashi (Govatsha Dwadashi)

11th November 2012 : Trayodashi (Dhanterash)

Muhurat (Auspicious Moments)

  • 8.30am to 12.40pm
  • 2.40pm to 3.40pm
  • 7.10pm to 10.30pm
  • 2.30am to 3.40am (12.11.12)

One can buy the gold/silver which will bring in prosperity during the year. It is said that anything bought during this period and kept in safe vault will never see bottom line.

12th November 12 : Kali Chaudash (Narak Chaturdashi)

(Also known as roop chaudash, monthly Shivratri)
Hanuman puja, Shiv puja,
Ghantakarn Mahavir Puja Muhurat
All negativity including black magic etc. can be eradicated by chanting hanuman chalisa 100 times during the day
Shiv puja is also helpful in problem related to Rahu-grah for the problem of  grahan yoga or shappit yoga in horoscope.

13th November 2012: DIWALI (DEEPAWALI)


  • 9.50 am to 1.40 pm
  • 3.20 pm to  6.50PM
  • 7.40pm to 9.05PM
  • 10.50pm to 4:10am next day
  • 6am to 6.30am next day(14;11.12)

The best of the above Muhurats is
3.40am to 4.00am on 14.11.2012
When it is Swati Nakshatra & Preeti YOG is in progressive transit.
This will likely give permanent business growth.
If one can open bank account in this Muhurat, as per shashtra, the bank account will never see the bottom line.

14th November 2012 : New Year

Govardhan puja, 8ali puja, Annakut Darshan.

  • 7am to 9.15am
  • 11.30am to 12.15am

This will  likely enhance the success rate towards spirituality, development of all the senses, loving, kindness and materialistic prosperity.

Best wishes for Diwali and a Very Happy Spiritu-o-Prosperous New Year

from: Bipin, Narendra, Piyush, Radhika, Uday, Vijaya, Vyomesh


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