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Happy Navratri

Happy Navratri
Till there are no graces of the Higher Energies shooting down on our ‘Muladhar’, the rising and uplifting of our internal energies of ‘Mata Kundallini Shakti’ cannot happen.

And only when the Kundallini Shakti rises up, it can merge with the Supreme Shaktis at the ‘Sahastrar’

And the Samadhi or oneness results.

In these days of Navratri may we all experience the graces of higher divine powers descending on us and helping us to transgress our Kundalini Shakti Mata energies towards its long time awaited merger.

Happy Navratri… to all of us…

(The Muladhar and Sahastrar are the whirling subtle chakras within us. Muladhar is located at the base of our pubic area, and Sahastrar at the crown of our head area. Kundalini Shakti is the serpent fire within us located at the base of our spine.)

Shri Vyomeshji