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Joyful and Peaceful Life

Joyful and Peaceful Life


I met Vyomeshji few years back and that has been turning point in my life, Infact my feedback will be too small to sum up for what I have experienced so far. My pages will fall short of what I have to share.

He has given me unconditional love of a mother and protection of a father, which itself is so divine. He has been instrumental in my spiritual growth; he is my mentor, guide and above all my well-wisher. His patience, perseverance and faith in my abilities have bought shift in my consciousness level. In other words he has awakened my sleeping soul… without taking any credit. The beauty of oneness and service I have learnt from this remarkable man, that I am too proud of. His unconditional love and divine service without expectations have impressed and inspired me the most. In my living memory I have yet to come across any person who is so giving by nature and who sincerely prays for our welfare. No doubt he is present day Vivekanand whose passion is to serve humanity and follow footsteps of his masters.

Just for service he sacrificed luxury and comfortable lifestyle in UK and came back to India to do guru-seva. I have seen him treating people equally irrespective of caste, creed n profession. Inspite of being family person he takes out time for all of us. Initially people meet him for healing or request him to help them out of  a personal issues but with their receptivity they change internally that is emotionally and mentally. His spiritual discourse has been food for the soul n has been wake up call for many of us.

One of best thing he has done to me is to restore back my self confidence and taught me to appreciate myself as we all are divine, it is just that we don’t look inwards where lord dwells . He makes it a point to tell everyone that “we all are powerful beings and we have the power to heal ourselves.” Recently he healed my mother-in-law who was critical… It was no more than a miracle. Not only that, my family members & friends has recovered after receiving healing from him. Above all of his pious nature, the most worthy is that he doesn’t take any money for healing and when questioned; he quickly replies “nature gives us so much, does she ask us for money?” I am today much more relaxed, joyful and peaceful person because of him.

I pray that his divine project ‘SVAS’ – a healing centre for all masses come up soon. His passion is to serve and ‘SVAS’ will be his platform. Let us all contribute for this Nobel cause. I wish him and his family members, good health and peace…