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Life: Weaver’s Yarns

Life: Weaver’s Yarns

A weaver cherry-picks each yarn, which makes up a well woven, intricate and beautiful patterned carpet. Once the pattern is set in the weaver’s vision, a number of weavers join in to work on it. Each yarn has its own beautiful colour, quality and role to play to enhance the carpet’s exquisiteness.

When we investigate the depth of the weaving, we can discover that the lengthwise yarns, which are called the warp ends, are the ones, which are held under high tension during the entire process of weaving. And the warp yarn must be strong to hold the pattern in place.

Our life on earth is similar to a carpet. The Guru, Higher energies and God play the role of a weaver.

In a lifetime of birth and death we along with our God, Guru and Higher energies (weavers) choose other souls (yarns) to accompany us to help achieve our ultimate purpose. We are those beautiful cherry-picked yarns in a well-woven, intricate and beautiful patterned carpet called life. Each one of us possesses our own beautiful colour, beautiful quality and a role to play to enhance the life’s exquisiteness. While weaving a carpet only a few yarns are chosen to be together.

In the Life’s carpet some of us are warps who have to hold ourselves under high tension during the entire process of weaving. We have to hold ourselves to absolute positive-ness toward every situation that life has to offer.

In a carpet it would be easy to see which is a warp end. But in life we do not know which one of us are warp ends. Hence, it becomes extremely important for each one of us to assume the role of a warp end.

Our Gurus, Higher energies and God are always there to nudge us back into the pattern when we loose sight of our chosen path. But it also becomes our primary motive to try our best to remain in that path.

We are all interconnected and woven. If one of us becomes astray, then the whole weaving pattern in everyone’s life get affected. The whole pattern depends on each one of us.

We all have our families, friends and relatives who are supporting and guiding us in the best possible ways to achieve our chosen goal in this lifetime. Some friends come into our lives for a short time and some have longer roles to play. Our relationship with all contributes to our enhancement or downfall of the goal.

When we are faced with difficult situations…we could ask ourselves the following…

Are we consistency in our aim and efforts?

Are we in a balanced state of mind?

Are we content with who/what we have in our lives?

Are we loving and kind towards all?

Are we taking care by not injuring others and self?

Are we truthful?

Are we forgiving?

Are we blessing all?

Do we accept the task that is given to us?

The answer to the above questions can herd us back to the group or leave us astray. There are a number of ways to reach our ultimate purpose of life. And not everyone understands this before the death of the body vehicle. To understand the purpose is the grace that one has to either have or achieve. And following it, with a positive answer to the above questions, is the purpose of the life.

The Purpose of Life is Life with Purpose.

Only we can determine our initial efforts to take that first step toward the Stairway to God. And once on the stairway, we are faced with lot of stumbles and falls.

Are we picking ourselves up every time we make that fall? Or are we dependent on someone else to do that picking for us?

As children, we learn to take those first few steps towards walking. Then the mother gives a helping hand in furthering our steps. We had our falls in that path towards learning to walk. But we picked ourselves up. Sometimes the fall does not hurt but sometimes the fall hurt us. But mother was always there to give comfort. But even then our dependency on the mother stops once we have learnt that sometimes the fall hurts and sometimes not. And we learnt how to nurture that hurt ourselves rather than being dependent on the mother.

The Guru, Higher energies and God are there to help, support and nurture those initial falls and hurt. They are there to give us the wisdom to pick ourselves up for future falls and hurts.

The wisdom given to us by them is to be used again and again to help us nudge ourselves back into the pattern. If we (the beautiful yarn) are failing at every fall, have a breakdown at every juncture, give importance more to our weakness than our strengths then the Guru or Higher energies or God (the Weaver) will have to let us go. They will not or cannot do anything until we choose to mend ourselves and pick ourselves and know that life is all about using the falls as a stepping stone to achieve that purposeful pattern we are all sent here to create.

Those who have had the privilege to read this and are connected to SVAS know a beautiful weaver amongst us. Our weaver, Vyomeshji, we may choose to call him our Guru, Guide, God or Guardian angel. He is the Weaver and He is within each one of Us Yarns. He keeps a watch over us day and night to bring out that beautiful carpet’s exquisiteness.

In our initial stages, he was there as a mother to pick us up and give us the wisdom to pick ourselves up whenever we had a fall.

He is there to pick us up if the fall is extreme. But if we fail to see that we already have the wisdom within us to pick ourselves up and if we fail to see that our weakness is affecting the whole carpet, then He will have to let go of all that is created so far.

If one yarn shows its weakness then the weaver will have to let that yarn go… no matter how important or beautiful that yarn is to the overall pattern. That yarn will spoil the beauty of the carpet. That yarn will always be seen as a flaw of the weaver.

We never know how important we are until we begin to show our flaws and spread our flaws on to the people connected to us. Let us mend our flaws and strengthen our weakness.

We have a Weaver who is so precious that only our qualities such as Humbleness, Surrender-ness, Divine Love, Kindness, Truthfulness, Forgiveness and Blessings can help us be closer to him, can help us enhance his skills on us.

They say that the carpet that relatively takes time to manufacture is usually the most expensive ones.  I do not know if we can become an expensive carpet or not but all I know is that we can help our weaver to create that legendary divine magic carpet (out of us) that can be used to transport persons, who come in to our lives, instantaneously or quickly to their destination.


Naina Thara