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Being so Very Free!

Being so Very Free!

About 3-4 years ago my life changed due to a divine interaction.

My life was unpromising to me. I had wealth and education but with it was with a particular problem which could had finished my career before it had hardly started.

I was of impression that since I have the power of money and contacts because of my families’ good name and fortunes – I could buy and handle any situation with ease. I was blind to the assets such as honesty and respect for other individuals. But, in those days, my every effort put in would some how find its end without reaping any benefits for me.

The morning was here without my being aware of it and darkness was beginning to lift. But because I was so full of myself that I refused to acknowledge, bend and bow down to this divine interaction.

I spoke to Vyomeshji for the first time. Without having to mention who I was and what my problems were – his accuracy in knowing how my life and problems were, was so mysterious. No one in my family or friends knew of my call to him and there is no way he could have got any information about me.

In that call Vyomeshji told me that in order to heal my life, I had to get rid of certain aspects in my life and, most of all, I will have to embrace humility and regards towards others.

At that time, I felt bad, on his direct words, but did not mention anything to him. After the call ended I decided to forget about the call and never to approach him again. But the things that unfolded before me made me realise that only Vyomeshji could help me to undo a situation such as this. Something within me knew this, which made me call him again.

Without my awareness, my recognition of him had changed. This time when I called… the word ‘hello’ from him made me feel the positivity and optimism. My spine started vibrating. My confidence in finding a solution was re-surfacing. His voice carried such kindness and love. He heard my story in detail and showed me a solution. His advise was simple to follow, and the impact it created was huge and avoided not only a criminal action but also made me come back to life and enjoy the beauty that life has to offer.

His solution was simple which is to forgive, forget, bless and serve. This is all he asked me to do but secretly I knew that he was handling and monitoring the divine energies. When I thanked him and offered him something in return, – he beautifully and courteously refused and asked if there was anything else I needed help with. ‘My God… How can someone be so very free?’

My interactions with him increased and in the due course, I realised that he is one of us – living life with a business on one hand and social life on the other… human and living very much like a mast keeping the sail steady applying all the principles of spirituality.

To me he is a true Spiritual Mentor, Guru, Master, Godly person of some lost civilization, living within us, acting like us, living in disguise and not revealing His true identity. He may not see himself as anyone’s Guru and he believes that we are all Gurus and divine sparks with divine light, love and power.

I discovered that His worldly image; lifestyle of living like us; being within us at times, purposefully, tactfully befool us and makes us forget and removes the separateness and brings oneness with us and in the process hits the target of curing us or transgressing us towards spirituality.

Today, am inspired to live like him – that is… to develop a feeling of oneness, being grounded. I feel extremely fortunate and in gratitude to have met such kind of simple manifested energies in this birth.


Mahesh Sharma